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Vespa on John

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Vespa on John.jpg

505 Parliament

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505 Parliament.jpg

Always nice to see the streetcars.  I know - they get in the way of cars.  But here's the thing.  They're efficient, they hold tons of people, and you KNOW where they're going to be.  So how come cars can't just go on roads where streetcars aren't?  Seriously.  Who wants to drive downtown ANYWAYS?  

Wig At Pride 2016

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Wig at Pride 2016.jpg

You see all kinds of things at Pride.  You see people celebrating their sexuality, dressing to please themselves, and coming together as a community.  I'm so glad that I finally made it out to Pride this year.  

Grooving the Tunes

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Grooving the Tunes BW.jpg

Well, after a four year (!) absence, it seems that I'm back posting here.  I'm taking pictures again, after several years of life getting in the way.  This is a picture that I've had queued to go out for four years, but now I've finally gotten back into the groove of taking pictures, THEN processing them.  Soon, I'll be posting new pictures, and we'll see if I can't get this blog back into a place where I have regular postings again.

Contemplating the Drop

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RC Harris in the Fog

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